November 2018

When “Keeping it Real” Goes Right: Integral Marketing – Sherron Washington, CEO of P3 Solution

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When "Keeping It Real" Goes Right: Integral Marketing Authenticity can go a long way with regards to marketing and communication efforts. A business should create imaging and messaging that reflects transparency, significance and uniqueness in [...]

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Best of Both Worlds: 5 Steps to Integrate Social Media and Print into One Successful Campaign – Sharon Mostyn

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Sharon Mostyn - CMO of Creativation Marketing  Visit her LinkedIn Profile When it comes to social media vs. print media, you don’t have to choose. They actually work well together, if done correctly. In fact, [...]

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5 Steps to Build and Maintain a Strong Brand Identity – Melissa Macchiavelli

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Melissa Macchiavelli - Director of Marketing & Communications for MECU, Baltimore's Credit Union Visit her LinkedIn Profile: Successful businesses have a clear, undeniable perspective, regardless of how they market themselves. Apple and LEGO have turned [...]

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