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During this past theater season, I have had the privilege of seeing a total of 20 live productions at our area’s most prestigious venues. While attending shows at Hippodrome, Center Stage, Everyman Theatre and Kennedy Center, I have continued to have my beliefs in live theatre confirmed:

Theater –

  • Connects us. It gets people talking.
  • Offers teachable moments with stories that explore interesting themes.
  • Inspires us to try something new.

Audiences are –

  • Diverse – the theater opens its arms to a demographic that ranges from the youngest fan to the most seasoned ticket holder. Whether you come from the city or the county and no matter your race, the theater says ‘welcome’ to all.
  • Engaged – a spectrum of emotions comes with each performance. Your experience is your own – you could (and probably will) be seen tapping your toes, singing along, laughing, crying and giving a standing ovation.
  • Present – they put down their devices and take a break from technology.

Theater playbills –

  • Serve as a critical part of the theater experience by offering a behind the scenes look to the performers back stories, the writers and the show’s history and origin.
  • Entertain patrons before the show and during intermission.
  • Provide the keepsake from the experience.

Live theater in Baltimore is vibrant. With one theater selling out their season subscriptions in record time and two theaters having their top-grossing show in company history, 2017-18 has been amazing. With each season I learn new insights, but most importantly that art matters, live theater is a treasure, the Baltimore community is fortunate to have access.

As a professional, I am thrilled to work with theater clients. As a life-long theater enthusiast, I am grateful for the opportunity to experience their performances.