What We Do for Marketers

We understand that you have an audience to reach, and while digital advertising is a must in today’s landscape, it often lacks depth and detail of print. Let us introduce you to a thoughtful print advertising strategy targeted to your unique goals.

We provide:

  • Niche platforms to reach sophisticated consumers who will focus on your brand
  • Distribution to more than 500,000 households across our titles
  • Active, engaged, upscale and loyal readers
  • A platform for well-designed and impactful print advertisements

Savvy businesses have learned that the best way to demonstrate the value – and values – of their brand is to align it with content that respects their customers’ time, interests and intelligence. At Leap Day Media, we connect smart brands with sophisticated content. And we help advertisers reach that hard-to-crack demographic, offering advertising side-by-side with content that provides not just information, but insight.

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What We Do for Publishers

In outsourcing your advertising sales efforts, you need representation that shares your vision and passion and can connect with the business community. At Leap Day Media, we have the market knowledge, sophistication, persistence and focus to get the job done.

We provide:

  • An untapped revenue stream by developing a tailored advertising program for your respected publications.
  • Ready-made relationships with marketers seeking to reach your readers.
  • A consultative relationship – we are your partners and will represent your brand like it is our own.
  • Access to experienced, high-quality content producers (writers and photographers).

We understand the importance of printed communications. Magazines and programs that are physically distributed are done so because that is what your target audience has come to look forward to for their visuals and tangibility. Readers absorb the content – every line, every picture – because of the engagement with your institution.

We know that your printed publication can never be replaced with an online alternative. Print provides a human connection in a digital world. However, we also know that the pressure to cut print budgets is rampant. Let us create a robust advertising strategy and provide cost effective content solutions so that you don’t have to cut back on your treasured publication.

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